What you will learn with this Hijama eBook

  • The Shari status of Hijama

    The ahadeeth regarding Hijama and its virtues, guidelines and rulings are stated and expounded upon to form the basis of Hijama and establish its Shari status.

  • Who should have Hijama done

    The text goes into detail on who is the ideal candidate for Hijama and how to identify this through bodily constitutions, examinaton of the illness as well as traditional pulse diagnosis.

  • When should Hijama be done

    The appropriate times for Hijama in light of Hadith and medical science is discussed and explained with clarity

  • The different types of Hijama

    The various types of Hijama are discussed and guidance give as to which is the most suitable under which conditions

  • The medical benefits of Hijama

    Using traditional as well as scientific knowledge, the effects of Hijama are explained with such detail as has not been done so in any previous book.

  • The procedure and its guidelines

    Contraindications, precautions and the guidelines of the Hijama procedure are discussed for the benefit of the patient and practitioner.

This is one of the first books explaining Hijama (cupping) in such detail, it will benefit the patient and the practitioner to understand all the details of Hijama.

Mufti Afzal Hoosen Elias
South African Mufti and Author of more than 600 Islamic Kitaabs
Feroz is a pioneer and innovator in medical research especially where it relates to Islamic practices and has produced a masterpiece here which will be the definitive primer on Hijama for decades to come
Dr Yusuf Seedat
Medical practitioner and researcher
Easy to understand by the layman, a refreshing insight for the student of Deen and written with sufficient technical depth on the subject of Hijama to satisfy the medical professional
Abdullah Afriqui
Student of Deen, Bookkeeper, Entreprenuer

Take a sneak peak inside

Well referenced, up to date and includes descriptive pictures

The author has taken the time to research Hijama thoroughly and presents the traditional view as well as the latest scientific findings on the subject of Hijama. Topics discussed in the book include:

  • Explanation of Hijama vs Cupping vs Bloodletting
  • History of Hijama
  • Ahadeeth on Hijama
  • The different types of Hijama
  • The effects of Hijama in traditional as well as modern medicine
  • The composition of Hijama blood as opposed to normal blood
  • Taiba theory of Hijama
  • Guidelines for performing Hijama
  • Also includes pictures supporting the understanding of various topics and concepts
  • Also includes detailed guidelines for both practitioner and patient
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A word from the Author

In the 15 years I have been practicing and teaching Hijama I have seen the words of the Prophet (SAW) ring true in the cure that Allah has blessed my patients with, but yet I have also heard of much harm coming to people who had Hijama done incorrectly and without adhering to the proper guidelines. It was therefore my wish that I could compile all the necessary information on Hijama for the benefit of the Ummat at large so that they could benefit from this treatment without being exposed to any adverse effects.

This is one of the fundamental reasons why I have written this book, for the patient and practitioner alike to understand all the details regarding hijama, so that it can be a means of cure and not a means of sickness. I pray to Allah that it fulfils this purpose and ask that you make duaa for this servant of Allah as well.

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